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Free Webinar – Discover Authentic Living

April 13 @ 8:00 am 5:00 pm BST

What happens on a Webinar with Jim?

* Through meditations, live music, silent connecting, sense-based exercises & intimate dialogues, Jim will guide you with gentle precision towards realising who you really, REALLY are, on the deepest level.

* From that ‘place’ of clarity and openness, you will begin to acknowledge the unconscious fear-based patterns, self-beliefs and physical clenches that block you from expressing fully, freely and authentically in life.

* In discovering how to meet those uncomfortable feelings from the unconditional, loving openness that you truly are, those frozen blockages can begin to thaw enabling your essential qualities—of sensitivity, tenderness, playfulness, courage, compassion, strength and power—to naturally flow.

* In the atmosphere of absolute acceptance and support that Jim offers, there is also the chance to PLAY with acting spontaneously and intuitively—with LIVING freedom.

* Ultimately it all adds up to a celebration of life with openhearted sharing, music, singing, silence, tears and laughter.

* No previous knowledge is required, just a willingness to openly and honestly explore your direct, first-hand experience, to courageously question all your beliefs and assumptions, and to feel into your human fragility and whatever fears may arise.